The Preserve and Other Area Projects

Sanford Health
The new $490 million, eleven-story Sanford Health complex, immediately East of The Preserve, will have one million total square feet with 380 in-patient beds, 32 operating rooms, and 200,000 square feet of clinic space. Construction began in 2012 and the complex is scheduled for opening early 2017.

Boulevard Square
Boulevard Square is a three building, 114,000 total square foot multi-use project near the corners of Veterans Boulevard and 32nd Avenue, with retail/office on the ground floors and upscale residential units on the top three floors of each building. Construction of the first two buildings began in 2013, with first occupancy also scheduled for 2013. For leasing information contact Brent Keuhne at
Family Wellness Center
The 80,000 square foot Family Family Wellness Center to the East of The Preserve opened in 2011.
Rustad Park and Recreation Center construction began in 2015; opening 2016.
Bluestem on Veterans multi-tenant office/retail center. Construction completed and open in 2016. For leasing information , contact Jenny Gilbson at
West Fargo Strip Mall w site - Exterior Render 3 reduced
Ritterman Retail multi-tenant retail center at the corner of 23rd and Bluestem. For leasing information, content Kevin Ritterman at 
Bottle Barn Liquors off-sale and Loren Lee’s restaurant at the corner of Veterans Boulevard and 32nd Street. Opened 2015.
Freedom Elementary School West Fargo ND
Freedom Elementary School opened full in August 2012.
Costco Lot - Taco Bell
Taco Bell opened in 2013.
Gate City Bank
Gate City Bank opened its branch in 2013.
The Preserve
200+ single family home built in The Preserve since 2012 and hundreds more within a one mile radius.

West Fargo Master Costco
North Dakota’s only Costco opened in October 2012.
Front entrance update champagne_
50,000 square feet Evolution1 office building along 6th Street East. Construction started in 2015; opening 2016.
Scheel's Arena
Scheels Arena, a 5,000 seat venue to the East of the Preserve opened in 2008.
Holy Cross Catholic Church
Holy Cross Catholic Church, with a 900 seat sanctuary and associated elementary school. Opened in 2016.
Veterans Mall multi-tenant retail center. Construction completed and opening in 2016. For leasing information, contact Steve Green at
Medical / Professional Building
12,000 square foot medical/professional building near the corner of Veterans Boulevard and 32nd to begin construction in 2013. For leasing information contact Tim Kerr at
Veterans Commons_2
Veterans Commons multi-building, multi-tenant retail center. Construction began and opening in 2016.
IT-Office-Building27,000 square foot CityScapes office building along 6th Street East. Construction planned for 2016. For leasing information, contact Paul Johnson at
West Fargo BlackRidge Bank
BlackRidge Bank began construction of its branch and bank headquarters in 2012, which will be open in 2013.
 The 324 Unit Veterans Park multiple family building is a single, three-story building with underground parking. First occupancy in 2015.